Wooden sofa bed with cream mattress, armchair and wooden coffee table in Scandinavian style
Folding wooden sofa bed and chair in nice beige colour

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A folding futon sofa on which a pretty girl is sitting

hygge style

The Hygge is the art of creating a warm and inviting space for family and friends to spend wonderful time together. It`s about enjoying life’s simplest pleasures in the comfortable and delightful environment you create. Yet it is also an amusing feeling you receive while curling up with a good book on a beautiful sofa-bed ALLEGRO

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DROP HARD Double Bed, Beech Wood caramel frameDROP HARD Double Bed, Beech Wood-leg detail
Sale priceFrom €786 Regular price€1.310
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ALLEGRO Double Bed, Beech WoodALLEGRO Double Bed, Beech Wood interior view
Sale price€485 Regular price€570
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Le MAR Folding Daybed, Beech Wood Frame, Natural Colour-gray upholsteryLe MAR Folding Daybed, Beech Wood Frame, Natural Colour-white upholstery-interior view
Sale price€1.125 Regular price€1.498
Save 15%
CUBE Double Bed, Beech Wood-front viewCUBE Double Bed, Beech Wood-interior view
Sale priceFrom €535 Regular price€630
Save 30%
MEXICO Folding Sofa Bed, Beech Wood Frame, Natural Colour-creamy fabric colourMEXICO Folding Sofa Bed, Beech Wood Frame, Natural Colour-creamy fabric colour-interior view
Sale priceFrom €980 Regular price€1.400
Save 10%
LAYTI-140 Futon Chair, Beech Wood, Natural Colour-creamy fabricLAYTI-140 Futon Chair, Beech Wood, Natural Colour-beige fabric-interior front view
Sale priceFrom €865 Regular price€960


Natural and functional approach as well as amusing, friendly and versatile style, suitable for the widest range of spaces and situations: both for raucous celebrations and tranquil family parties. Explore the tables available on our website which help establish even more harmonious and atmospheric accommodation.

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Nordic design wooden dining table with black chairs

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Double seats futon chair made from beech wood and with beige mattress


An awesome spot to chill out and receive mental repose. Comfy futon mattress will be delightful addition to your serene family evening. Try sprawling on superb futon couches we provide and spending the most splendid as well as unbelievable time ever in life. Choose single or double futon chair bed available on our website.

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An indispensable piece of furniture capable of creating the utmost cosy and homely atmosphere. Adjustable deckchairs can be placed in various spots you'd prefer: from backyard, porch, patio to even personal home SPA. Forget about discomfort for your back caused by firm chairs and take a comfortable rest on our fancy deckchairs.

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Wooden deckchairs with a soft seat, on which two pretty girls are sitting
A wooden daybed with a beige mattress and cushions that can easily be transformed into a double bed

Daybed LeMAR is exactly what you need

Produced mainly with functional objective, pull out daybed effortlessly serves as an additional comfy sleeping place for your guests since it easily transforms into a kind of double bed

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