At-Home New Year

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Why to host the New Year’s party at home?

There exist lots of benefits of celebrating the New Year’s Eve at home. Nowadays numerous people opt to hold such a party to congregate with friends and spend the time of their lives. However, if you still hesitate whether it’s a worthy idea, consider some factors to become assured:

    • You have more freedom in terms of choosing the food, decorations and entertainment. No restrictions concerning the beverages and their amount (if paid for, surely).
    • You feel at ease between the familiar walls and favourite sofa bed. Especially introvert participants feel a lot of pressure in particular crowded spaces. Mate’s house is literally their escape.
    • You’re not limited in time and may even accommodate the guests overnight. New Year is the only day out of 365 when you’re not allowed to sleep until the morning and must meet the dawn together. Your precious visitors won’t have any desire to leave, so the folding sofa bed comes in handy.
    • Commonly, the service provided by the restaurant is way more expensive than self-organised party. Your choice will definitely become more affordable as well as extensive.
    • Yet the most crucial drawback present is worrying about the cleanup eventually. It will be your duty as a host and, frankly speaking, a very arduous job after the raucous party.


New Year's Eve Party at Home

How do I host a successful at-home New Year’s Eve party?

There’re no mysterious secrets, as everyone establishes momentous social gatherings according to their taste. But your apartment appears to be an indispensable element of the celebration. Therefore, be sure to decorate it properly in order to amuse the guests. Remember about the accents which should capture undivided attention. Try putting large items like sofa beds, daybeds or futons in the centre of the room or other place of honor. Fancy accessories like cushion covers, blankets and wooden hangers will complement the festive atmosphere. Besides, charming dinner table must be filled with alluring glassware, ceramic plates and neat table linens to enhance the style of the party. Finally, elegant coffee tables will become indispensable for playing board games and placing delicious drinks. Be sure to organise a splendid home party with AliBene furniture.