Foldable Corner Sofa Bed

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What is a sofa bed?

The secret of generating an excellent Scandi design lies in proper functional furnishings. A classy sofa bed is a central focal point in the room and serves to grab undivided attention of the guests. The right choice of this piece of furniture will guarantee you utmost cosiness. Further ability to relax after the tiring day is the best feeling in the long run. This particular detail becomes a place to congregate with friends in order to spend a fancy evening.


The Nordic sofa bed is famous for its versatility of opening mechanisms. It makes the usage even more sophisticated as it easily transforms into a sleeping solution. Visitors staying overnight will be delighted by the opportunity to nap on soft surface which offered a plushy seat a couple of hours ago. This accessory is prone to being absolutely beneficial both in everyday life and during raucous parties. This accent has an overriding importance in room composition that’s why it’s crucial to select this fitting carefully.


Corner Sofa Blue Upholstery

LOVER Corner Sofa

What are pros and cons of a sofa bed?

Primarily, be sure to consider all fors and againsts which significantly influence your shopping. A folding sofa must not only match the overall look but also be completely comfortable. Decide on its purpose to be without a shadow of doubts. We will assist you to clear out vital pros and cons.




Dual-use furniture. Sofa beds are popular among clients for their multifunctionality. The consumers are allured by the favourable opportunity to save the costs. It’s cheaper than purchasing both a couch and a bed separately. Thus, the exclusive foldability of a Scandinavian sofa makes it stand for two décor pieces.


Economy of space. In most cases you must sacrifice a portion of the house for such a huge interior component. However, contemporary main sitting items appear to take up less territory. They provide maximum service in a relatively small content. Besides, this and the previous points are connected in terms of capacity. Foldable sofabeds with different opening mechanisms contain an additional mattress and turn into flat napping zone.


Sofa Bed 3 Seaters

 LOVER Sofa 3 Seater


Styles and patterns. A great assortment of goods is a precious asset of every respected store. You can easily find the one which draws your attention the most. An important thing to remember is combinability of objects. Choose the shades wisely in order to mix them with each other and create a harmonious appearance. You may like the product at first sight, yet think twice before picking scarlet fitting for the loft bright apartment. Hasty decisions are never good investments.




Dubious comfort. This statement remains controversial according to various opinions. Sofa is a symbol of hospitality and acquires the meaning of room centrepiece but is mainly intended for seating. Consistent night stays cause back pains, therefore it’s not recommended as a permanent sleeping space. A medical explanation implies that couch’s padding is too harsh and doesn’t imitate human anatomy. The spine suffers a lot as for the lack of necessary convenience and relaxation. All in all, never consider this furnishing to replace the bed daily.


Exceed bulkiness. Though it seems to be of moderate size, a fine lounge couch is usually of great dimensions. It’s expected to bear big weights and thus involves firm structure which is really cumbersome. The only obstacle left to overcome is the difficulty with getting the furniture into a house and rearranging it on demand in the future. It’s toughly movable so requires some assistance.


Sofa Bed with Soft Blanket

Soft Weighted Blanket for Sofa Bed


Adaptation. Confusing opening mechanisms make the setting down period quite lengthy. The clients need some time to become familiar with the new construction as a rule. The irritating system may puzzle the user who eventually starts regretting it. However, modern sofas offer the most comfy implementation to remain the choice number one in the market. You only need to make a couple of elementary moves in order to observe the desirable transformation.

How do sofa beds work and how to use them?

For it’s complex unclosing system many customers face the difficulties during this process. However, the manufacturers now try to simplify the principles as much as possible. The folding metal frame is easily applied actually.


Familiarise yourself with multiple mechanism types. There exist a particular algorithm according to each type. If you face some adversities with the application, turn to the instructions enclosed or contact the shop to find out more details. It happens, that the producers implement a special protection for safety reasons while shipping. Such lockers prevent a seat from undesirable transformation en route to destination.

 Mexico Folding Sofa Bed

 MEXICO Sofa Bed from Beech Wood


No problems are expected to arise in case you learned the basic rules of conversion. Every frame has its secrets of proper usage. The most popular types of sofa beds are:

    • Traditional. Well-known couches for their pull-out construction. Resemble the cot and have the extension hidden inside. All you’re to do is to increase a sofa in length for it to provide a power nap.
    • Unfolding. Has a principle of opening the book. Involves a specific lever which helps to even the 2 parts. Its complexity destroys the hype, however the system makes it impossible to be worn down because of consistent use.
    • Sliding. Contains a considerable advantage among other models – the extra storage. As for the transformation: be sure to move down the hidden second part with the help of tiny rollers and then slightly raise the mattress to even the parts.
    • Click-clack. This sofa unlocks without any handle by slightly pulling forwards the upper mattress until it lowers down. You should hear a relevant click as a sign of doing everything right.
    • Easy open. This item possesses the needed bedding box as well, which appears when you pull the bottom mattress out and then lower the back of the couch, covering a huge pit too.


3 Seater Sofa Bed


What to consider when shopping for a sofa bed?

Purpose. Sofa beds reach the highest level of utility and generate special vibes which stimulate mental repose. That might be your prevailing as well as emotional opinion. However, let’s focus on more functional properties of this major accessory. Ask yourself “Do I need one and why?” – then come to a logical conclusion. Do you need it for establishing the living room or the waiting area in some organization? Do you want to spend only downtime in front of TV, alongside the book and tea on the coffee table? Or do you rather prefer a simpler option to offer the guests an additional napping spot? Obviously, you may assume that it’s better to pick the real daybed, which exactly meets the expectations, or end up with a brand new multipurpose sofa bed.


Style. This aspect is no less vital especially for people arranging the flat in one particular design. Take into account the general image in your mind or feel free to contact a specialist for the expert word of advice. Remember, the room should contain accents, which still blend with each other perfectly. Be aware of extremely vivid and intense emphasis so as not to allow the space look ridiculous. Colours matter as well. For instance, loft apartment involves warm palette. After all, try to rely on the internal stylist and listen to the heart.


3 Seater Sofa Bed

LOVER Sofa 3 Seater 


Size. It’s not about preferring grand models over the medium ones. Keep in mind that you should measure the spot intended for putting the item. If you dream of airy room, though possessing the limited space, think about foldable sofa beds of moderate dimensions. Always pay attention to the characteristics indicated because the photos never transfer the right appearance. Besides, attempt not to clutter the flat with massive pieces of furniture. In case there’s enough square footage for noticeable accent, let it be the only extensive object which will help you to downsize and leave the place for decorations also. The appropriate height and length measured allow you to decide on the seats quantity: from 2 to 5-6 and even more.


Material. One more decisive factor worth focusing on. The most common organic and stable couch components appear to be wood and metal. They’re obviously durable and bearable, so forget about frustration regarding broken structure. Be sure to search eco-friendly options which cause no harm to the environment and supply you with safe use.


Moreover, concern yourself on the upholstery textiles as well. Select between cotton, leather, polyester and linen fabrics which might considerably alter the overall theme. Each material has its own unique texture to boost the style. Linen and leather are the most firm and long-term as long as the most extravagant ones, while the others have their quality relevant to the reasonable prices. They vary greatly in strength, softness and even in washability. Furthermore, learn about the division of mattresses and their filling. It depends on the content since there’s a risk of flattening as a result of heavy use. Be careful and consistent with your choice.


Corner Sofa Bed Beige


Arms and cushions. Most people can’t imagine a traditional sofa without the armrests and additional paddings. The others however, would like to seize the opportunity of buying a miniature and neat couch without exceed elements. Nevertheless, pliable cushions are an indispensable detail whenever you want to collapse onto the furnishing. What’s more, the armrests guarantee the extra support to hold the book, glass of wine or a phone instead of a coffee table. They may become a lovely decoration necessary for establishing cosiness. Little peculiarities are an awesome way to stylise the accommodation properly.

Why to choose sofa beds over other seats?

The irrevocable decision at which home owners arrive is the range of options available. Most frequently it represents a threat of being baffled ultimately. The final steps depend on your preferences and function the décor detail is expected to perform. Make certain to concentrate solely on high-quality textiles and material to ensure a long-term implementation.


The thing is, a sleeper sofa is a unique product as it presents an alternative to other plushy furnishings well-known to us. It combines their jobs and becomes a versatile interior element to suit even the craziest tastes.


Functional Sofa Bed in Grey Colour

POSH WOOD Corner Sofa

Sofa bed vs Ordinary bed

It’s crucial to comprehend the significant difference between those items. They turn out to be completely opposite in work. But surprisingly they are similar just in such divergencies. Ordinarily, the standard bed constitutes a wooden frame complemented by the mattress of any type.


So why is it compared with the sofa? The latter fitting is capable of converting into flat area planned for consumers to sleep on them. Here’s the sound name – a sleeper couch. Surely, there exist models neither with adjustable back nor hidden extra space beneath it. One must seek for the advantageous variant with regard to the utility.


They’re interchangeable, meaning if you can’t afford muddling a tiny studio with the extensive design solutions, sofa bed is an urgent escape. Yet let’s define what makes a love seat outdo the purely sleeping area.


Folding Sofa Bed vs Double Bed

ALLEGRO Folding Sofa Bed vs CUBE Double Bed




Space saving properties. Doesn’t eat up unwanted corners, leaving the room for fancy decorations and expanding home capacity.

Standardised location. Most frequently it’s the centrepiece surrounded by 4 walls and thus prevents you from getting nice stylish finish.

Temporary convenience. Not designed for extended use. There’s a threat of suffering from back pains.

Maximum comfort. Be sure to receive full recover and retreat from daily struggles.

Storage space. Involves a separate box for storing bedding, pillows and other staff.

The construction doesn’t usually contain extra storage.

Versatility. An impressive assortment of structures, whimsical forms and creative patterns.

Simple design, clear lines. You don’t mostly have a wide choice of goods in terms of their composition though be sure to choose between multiple shapes and sizes.

Default filling. Ordinarily, this furnishing consists of typical paddings. You basically have the right to select the fabric of upholstery.

Selection of mattresses. You’re free to opt for a bed with either traditional or memory foam to derive added convenience.


Sofa bed vs Murphy bed

Murphy bed is a wonderful space saving option appealing to people. It constitutes a bed which maximises the room territory since the ordinary bed eats up the whole bedroom. It folds up against the wall, liberating the floor for other objects. It’s an excellent solution if you fancy offering the visitors additional resting corner but also want to mask when there’s no special occasion. So what is recommended to choose and how does a sofa bed differ from the wall bed?


Undoubtedly, both furnishings make the most of a space and preserve home’s aesthetic. But the murphy platform is a perfect solution If you have limited area and numerous distant relatives who commonly visit your nest. Also, consider this option in case you work from home and require the bedroom capable of converting into the office. Generally speaking, the wall bed is all about the overall image. Be free to conceal the sleeping surface if you require to generate impressive arrangement of the furniture and the bed seems to be excessive.


However, the sofabed appears to be more multifunctional after all. It always provides a seat, while the murphy bed is attached to the wall. When folded, this fitting emits purely presentable vibes, while the bedroom is rather a private zone. A couch is a necessary accent of the guest room, though stereotyped. Besides, the latter interior element is easily portable comparing to the former item. The bed in question is fixed to the same place unless you want to get rid of it. Yet, the foldable multiple seat might be moved even into other accommodation without losing its properties.


Double Bed Interior Design

CARRE Double Bed


Finally, it’s up to you which decoration to pick, relying on the exceptional taste as well as personal image of the future apartment.

Sofa bed vs Daybed

The divergent features between those 2 bargains are obvious though they turn out to offer similar functions. Let’s clarify some characteristics.


A daybed regularly resembles the bench and is usually established next to windows or in the reception rooms. It also doesn’t involve any transformation unlike the sofa which is adjustable and is assimilated to different rooms as a rule. It gives more homely atmosphere. Yet if you’re working with a limited spot in the room, a daybed comes more practical. The sofa is prone to extending, thus you need more space to include the dimensions.


The daybed is more durable too, so is intended for permanent use. The furnishing compared might flatten overtime, indeed. However, it’s tough to accommodate several guests overnight on the former fitting since it comprises only single mattress size for the dimensions are very compact. You often need to search for your own paddings for the daybed and worry about additional costs. In fact, the foldable couch appears to be more standard living room decoration, yet a daybed may match your preferences to a larger extent.

Corner Sofa Bed vs Wooden Daybed

 LOVER Corner Sofa vs Le MAR Folding Daybed


The step of seeking appropriate filling for the house can sometimes seem exceedingly perplexing and never-ending. It just demands plentiful careful considerations to be made. The first thing to remember is the purpose of getting a brand new décor detail which might be really diverse. Then there come some practical procedures like measuring, estimating and comparing. The wise choice is to be made after taking into account all the pros and cons.


Only after arriving at a rational decision, start looking for the respected shops. Alibene retail store can offer the best service for a reasonable price. Take a view of our wide range of premium furniture and an impressive collection of soft seats available in various forms and sizes. We promise superior quality you’ll enjoy for years and years!