PALMUS Wooden Flowerpot 35x35

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Product height: 60 cm
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Product type:

Colour: natural
Base material: laminated furniture board


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Manufacturer warranty:

2 years
Brand: CustomForm
Country: Poland


Length: 35 cm
Width: 35 cm


60 cm / 80 cm / 100 cm

Product weight:

13 kg / 17 kg / 20 kg
Packaging: 1 pc.


What should not be missing in a nicely decorated interior? Hmm, that's a tough question. Much could be mentioned and then discussed. However, we would be surprised if the answers did not include: green! Green adds life to arrangements. It is the detail that makes the difference. With this in mind (and at heart), we have expanded our collection with another designer furniture - this time a set of Palmus pots. The name Palmus precisely reflects the character of these pots. They are tall and oblong, like a palm trunk, they stand out in space, clearly exposing the plant. These are not strictly pots, but casings - do not put soil in them, you can put something else in them. They are available in three different heights (the width remains the same): 60x35x35, 80x35x35 and 100x35x35. Perfect for a set, as minimalist living room furniture or designer office furniture. Pots like columns. Minimalist furniture, such as Palmus planters, is distinguished by simplicity. Made of furniture board (black or imitating oak), they do not have unnecessary details. They are monumental, impressive rectangles, like columns, from which you can create your own geometric compositions. They can be something like a repeated accent in the apartment, artfully fill a free corner or mark a green "path" in the corridor. They will also work well as furniture for restaurants or hotel furniture, a characteristic element in the reception, waiting room or rooms. The depth for pot is 30 cm.

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