Scandi Style Tips For Home Interiors & Furniture Decor Ideas 2023!

 Check Out How to Get the Scandinavian Look in Your House

What is modern Scandinavian interior design?

Nowadays, we can notice a great variety of stylish solutions to apply in the apartment. One of the most popular novelties appears to be the Scandinavian style. It’s relatively young and developed in the 2nd half of the 20th century. The first to acquire its features were Nordic countries that’s why it has such a corresponding name. The trend has emerged as a call to eco-friendliness. The world is extremely suffering from toxic pollutants we emit daily so radical actions are needed to stop the extinction of species, drying out of the oceans and global warming. Rejection of unnaturality is the latest trend in all spheres. Scandi design encourages us to establish strong bonds between a human and the environment. It’s very crucial to understand the widespread agitation to change social standards. Fashion field is way more than just beauty. It goes beyond just the lovely appearance of the house. It hides an essential issue behind the scenes and manifests against public ignorance.

A folding futon sofa on which a pretty girl is sitting

Allegro folding sofa bed


But why is this style actually called so organic? Because it literally resembles nature. It’s a perfect idyll with warm, bright and neutral colours. In such a favourable spot you feel like reuniting with calm flora and fauna. Scandi is a timeless design as it’s a mix of different other techniques. It’s mostly charactarised by a neat and clean approach. Straight and accurate lines, soft corners, simple forms – this is all about Scandinavian furniture though it involves a few interior items. The main objective is to unclutter the area, liberate it of excess details and make it functional. You’re not limited in the ideas since such furnishings possess the most whimsical forms and chimeric embellishments, however being utmost comfortable. It may be surprising to you but an ordinary Scandi bedside table from beech wood becomes a superb storage space able to hold lots of knick-knacks. Thus, your future Scandinavian bedroom becomes a serene place bringing nature to your house.

What are the basic Scandi interior design principles?

While decorating the room with Nordic interior principles remember about minimalism. It shouldn’t be overcomplicated with accents and bright elements. This decor comprises a neutral palette as well as muted tones. It also regards the combination of blacks and whites. The general truth says that it must resemble natural colours which you may encounter in any corner of the world. What concerns the lighting, people normally make use of warm lights in order to emphasise the overall theme. Such important trifles are of value. All of them produce a special atmosphere of calmness, purity and perfection. To achieve this effect, remember about a few furnishings. Don’t allow the territory to be full of chairs, cabinets, chests, shelves, etc. Limit yourself to several simple, though fancy items. Explore AliBene – online store for more ideas. AliBene offers numerous options for every taste and preference. Also bear in mind the combinability methods. The accessories in the Nordic living room engaged may be of different styles – yet team up with each other. However, never mix the unrelated ones. They can be contrasting, but not radically distant. Comic and hilarious look is a common mistake. By the way, AliBene presents whole bedroom sets in its assortment which is the economy of time and money. Don’t hesitate and think about this bargain!


What things should I pay attention to when creating a Scandinavian living room?

Most people think Swedish design is a matter of 3 concepts: white walls, gray sofa and rustic floor. No way. Its essence lies in space-saving and functional furniture. It’s quite easy to recreate this trend at home if being aware of several rules. First of all, it doesn’t involve flashy units which unintentionally stand out from the general look. They must yell about ecology and recycling. Consequently, decorations should also carry such a message. Consider their materials and immediately unload the table of plastic and other toxic components. Fill the area with organic ornaments instead. It can be an elegant ceramic vase, natural woven carpet with tassels, an interesting wooden shoe rack, etc. Although be careful while decorating. Attempt not to allow the fittings to cause chaos. Display them in moderation, both orderly and chaotically.

 Double bed with headboard and two bedside tables, all made of beech wood. Nice interior in Scandinavian style.

Double bed with two bedside tables


The second pivotal element to provide your accommodation with is plants. Live – not artificial. The most popular are rubber plants, monstera and seasonal flowers. Succulents are also an excellent method to enhance the theme. Try to cover all horizontal surfaces, but not completely. Scandinavians recommend paying attention to chic vases, candles as well as candle holders which are commonly put on the windowsill. By the way, they totally reject any curtains. Bare windows are a traditional look on the street. And last but not least is the appropriate lighting. Make the use of floor as well as table lamps and other lighting which doesn’t strain the eyes. The main light mostly contains whites, decorative pieces – warm tones. It’s a matter of fact not to make contrasts but establish a harmonious appearance. Talking about the upholstered furniture, make sure it’s comfy. Try it on before buying. The furnishings should perform not only an aesthetic function but also become a spot where you receive mental repose. Printed sofas and armchairs are not about Scandi concept, so better choose plain fabrics. Nordic residents adore lots of textiles. Complimenting plushy seats with cushions and bedspreads is a great solution.

 Handmade ceramic vases in Nordic style

Finally, let’s consider the bathroom – one of the essential parts of the home. It contains simple aspects as a rule. Scandinavians tend to use it for a certain purpose of washing the body and face, so it doesn’t involve decorations. They highly appreciate simplicity, so minimalism is felt on every point. Thus, attempt not to complicate the walls with a combination of tiles.

Become a person to generate a Nordic design on your own

All in all, if you’re a person having no experience with textures, colours and furniture, don’t be scared. You need to analyse the preferences, daily routine and search for additional sources with art ideas. Create your own lookbook and then begin “hunting” for necessary filling. Play with colours and never stop solely on whites and blacks. Find inspiring ideas on web pages, social networks, designer blogs. The best one turns out to be Pinterest, which helps to form individual fashion taste. Boost your outlook as well as background knowledge and you’ll be fascinated with the result. There’s nothing more exciting than the feeling of living in cosy place established with love and care.