Futon 140x200 made of beech wood with beige mattress

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What is a Futon Bed?

The futon is conventional Japanese bedding. It doesn´t involve springs, thus effortlessly twists into a roll. Modern futons consist not only of cotton but are usually filled with wool which has a warming effect and performs a heat-saving function. Apart from its apparent appropriateness to the overall design, it's undoubtedly perfect for outdoor weekends. Travellers even apply them in camping as sleeping bags. Moreover, it becomes essential as a floor covering for little kids, if we're talking about traditional ones. Most people feel puzzled about futon types since certain cultures have established their interior elements. For example, Japanese bed covering extremely differs from the Western style which is famous for resembling a sofa. Thus in this article, we're gonna shed the light on this accessory as well as dispel some myths!

History of the Futons

The history of futons dates back to 13th century Japan, though they traditionally used firm analogues of this furniture. Homes used to be small with little space. Huge families required more resting places. Roughly speaking, they slept on a hard surface until they transformed into cotton matrasses in the 17th century. They were established with a demand to rest and were handmade from natural textiles also including wool and silk. This furnishing characterized the high status of society because of being exceedingly costly and thus solely affluent Japanese could afford such a purchase. Later, in the 18th century, such mattresses became more available and substituted the bed, providing a separate sleeping area. However, they were widely implemented by noble Japanese as extravagant gifts. Rich men frequently presented them to women to seduce them. Futons were extremely popular to be given to courtesans: the higher status the woman had, the more amount of free mattresses she could get for her unofficial job.


Starting from the 19th century, Japan developed a better system of trading goods and established more effective economic relations. Eventually, the import of raw materials became cheaper which allowed underprivileged members of the community also benefit from such convenience. Generally, those interior elements were thick pliable beds unrolled for the night as well as easily foldable to be hidden in the wardrobe. Through years of evolution, the appearance of those interior elements has slightly changed, as well as their function. Earlier they were applied to correct defects in the main mattress and prevent it from getting dirty. Nowadays some models may even consist of a wooden frame and together with a soft material constitute a futon chair.

Pros and Cons of a Futon

A reliable -method to come to a rational decision concerning the home interior is to compare advantages with disadvantages. Pay attention to defining characteristics of the product, set side by side with your exceptional demands, and enjoy the result. The futon is not a trivial purchase, thus the choice must be carefully thought of.



      • Comfort and convenience. Less solid compared to orthopaedic mattresses.
      • Appearance and versatility. Due to its popularity, there exists a wide selection of colours and designs. So it can be used as a cushioned seat for garden furniture.
      • Easy foldable though it seems pretty sizeable. Simple complexion allows you to store the covering in a closet or bedside table. What's more, certain wooden frame types serve both as a bed and a sofa.
      • Space economy. The item features not large objects, manufactured particularly with a space-saving purpose instead of bulky couches. They especially belong to small apartments and are perfect for little kids who don't require an extended sleeping area.
      • Additional napping spot. People who are prone to congregating with friends or throwing awesome parties usually face the problem of no bed for guests. Thus the purchase of futon appears to be a major decision.
      • Among the huge assortment of models, frames and materials are sure to choose one that entirely fits your style.
      • Easy to clean. Thanks to the ability to remove the soft part, it can be machine washed in case stubborn stains are put in accidentally.



      • Considered inferior to a sofa and its characteristics, more budget furnishing. It may not comply with your aesthetic requirements. Be sure to use it relevantly.
      • Moderate size. The average amount of seats is 2, sometimes 3. It's not aimed at more people thus it's unsuitable for big companies.
      • Thin covering. Because of the folding properties of the furniture, its mattress is less thick than average ones. Low-quality ones may even sag quickly over time, that's why it's crucial to select carefully your bargain.

Different Types of Futons


A conventional futon fully resembles an ordinary sofa therefore it's hard to tell the difference between them. The only distinguishing feature is the ability to effortlessly transform into a bed. It constitutes a typical wooden or metal support along with squishy separated materials attached to the supportive elements with the help of special ties.


This kind of furniture soundly belongs to the Western style. It differs from the classic Japanese one regarding the absence of the very frame. The mattress is the independent unroll-me place for good-quality sleep. Thus the Western style invention is exceedingly thick to be inserted in the chest.



According to the very name, the absence of arms may become a characteristic that makes the item out from the others. You might find it attractive concerning personal preferences – it looks more chic and elegant for you. Another advantage of armless furniture is the economy of space. What's more, tall people find it easier to rest on those as they provide them with more comfortable conditions of sleeping furnishing. It undoubtedly will delight your guests with unusual design and unconditional comfort.



The lounger is the 1-seat piece of the fitting. It's expected to be placed in doctor's offices for patients to be examined properly. Some models are aimed at outdoor physical repose, so if you have a lovely backyard, they'll come in handy. The furniture has a special structure which ensures a completely relaxing pose for a person. It includes arms usually for better comfort. Suitable for lone residents or just for those in favour of retreating to a separate room on tranquil evenings with an evocative book. This particular item wonderfully decorates the space creating a 'me-corner'.


Bunk bed

This particular model is extremely popular among children. To economize space, parents provide a playroom with 2 beds in only one corner. Isn't it amazing? What's more, a futon bunk bed, unlike ordinary sleeping spots joined together with a decorative ladder, serves as a stunning mini sofa for evening movies. It can boast of super convenience for both kids, who don't sleep together but on separate surfaces. The upper part is provided with protective sides for utmost safety. A ladder is an adjustable component, which may be easily hidden to look aesthetic. Be sure about your kid's security. With extra strong construction, you won't have to worry about their boisterous games.

Mid Century Futon

Before pointing out the main traits of this style of futon, let's discuss what mid-century modernism (MCM) is. This architectural trend originated in the middle of the 20th century in the US and thus established such an expressive name. Was the German design school Bauhaus sharing its views with the American culture because of the emigration? It treated deeply the straight clean lines and simplicity of futuristic furniture. It's characterized by exclusive minimalism of forms, includes even borders and can boast of a functional usage. The main rule is to preserve purity but from a modern perspective. To cut it short, it's an extremely 'light' and aerial style which presents aesthetic furnishings. They easily blend with other items generating a harmonious image. Geometric shapes make up excellent flawlessness and the feeling of clarity. The role of the function exceeds the participation of form. You're mistaken in thinking it looks lovely though not rational. Mid-century modern sleeper sofas are designed specifically to satisfy the everyday needs of an average person. They serve as an attention-grabbing decoration and at the same time as a focal point for your kith and kin.


Mid-century futon with grey fabric and wooden legs

Modern futon sofa is expressed in a state of perfection. Tapered legs, square armrests, sharp angles and delicate dents are all assets. The holistic picture you receive can't but bring you sheer pleasure. This interior is all about nature. Outdoor colours are another constituents of this interior design. Nature is successfully brought to the house to entirely get in touch with the surrounding world. Be sure to use a bright palette of green, orange and yellow tones.


An essential element appears to be materials applied. MCM futons combine various textiles, with exception of eco-hostile ones. As the decor tends to resemble natural landscapes, the fabrics must also be of the utmost organic. Nowadays we face the adversity of overcoming the issue of mass pollution. The style helps to avoid it with biomaterials with the later possibility to recycle them. The fitting usually involves a variety of them, that's why they mix with other accessories so smoothly. Soft covering and cushions not only perform the artistic function but also alleviate the constant problem of enormous efforts put to clean the surface. Now beauty stands in line with practicality. The wooden frame can boast of its maximum resilience as well though followed by a trendy outward aspect.


While decorating your accommodation in mid-century concept, bear in mind the overriding importance of contrasting textures. Pay close attention to the kind of wood, fabric, and even metal the tiny details are produced of. Don't be scared to match contradicting patterns, which bestow the room with a special idyll. Forget about abundant ornamentation which became a thing of the past. They might quickly ruin the atmosphere with ridiculous elements. Instead, choose conservative decorations with a certain purpose.

Japanese Style Futon

A traditional futon is deeply rooted in Japanese culture. It differs from the Western style in terms of construction. It doesn't involve a steady frame or useful arms. The only thing you have is a pliable mattress. Many people wonder, why is it even determined as a piece of furniture. We're here to dot the i's and cross the t's.


Futon from Japan features sole padding filled with cotton or other heating material. In the past, people implemented them as proper beds as we already discovered. But since evolution progressed, those accessories now are a part of sleeping places flattening the main surface. They contain lots of benefits, mainly:


      • Protect the basic cover from getting dirty
      • Ensure better nap thanks to an orthopedic structure
      • Provide the room with an extra resting spot for guests
      • Replace a sleeping bag during camping
      • Indispensable fitting when children are used to playing on a cold floor

Japanese style futon bed is not intended to stand on a couch.

Japanese style futon bed is not intended to stand on a couch. You physically won't be able to gather company and make a 'Netflix and chill' evening for the absence of any sofa-like features. Anyway, it remains popular among European and American residents. The most impressive advantage of this decor detail is its mobility. Hide the covering whenever it's high time because the flexible complexion allows you to fold it and leave hidden in the cabinet.


Although the design solution seems exceedingly simple, don't hasten to lose your mind in a wonderful selection of those furnishings. It's crucial to be able to tell the difference between high and low-quality fabrics as well as the elasticity of a bargain. Its longevity depends on your choice, as it rapidly wears out and sags. Be careful to rely on respectable manufacturers, like WoodMan (brand “Marior HOME”). Trust AliBene online store with your comfort and we'll promise you impeccable condition even in 5 years.

Western Style Futon

The system of styles also separates this one as an independent design for its different characteristics. Rustic wood futon includes a divergent structure compared to those mentioned above. It's usually a foldable frame with a plushy mattress. Generally, its counterparts have higher legs, thus western futon covers greatly resemble low sofa beds. They possess complex opening mechanisms, so transforming them into beds can become quite a tricky process. For the same reason, those fittings are much heavier which interferes with any desire to replace them at any moment.

Western style futon-bed

 Futon Sofa-Bed MEXICO


However, the situation is not so terrible. Their unique design remains popular, particularly in Western countries. They're thinner than Japanese which guarantees more heat as well as healthy sleep for the back. What's more, their structure makes them an awesome spot for summer repose in the backyard. Put them on a porch to enjoy calm sunsets with the family and pets.


As for the additional bed, the southwest futon cover deals remarkably with all troubles during napping. The soft surface is thin enough to reproduce the size of the body while lying. By the way, it happens to be a remarkable way to decide on a certain option: try on yourself. Don't choose exceedingly solid models. They're likely to injure you. On the other hand, in case you feel like falling into a chasm, skip this one as well. Search for the golden mean between 2 extremes and reap the desired results!

Futon vs Sofabed – Which Is Better?

Surely, every decision depends on your requirements set. We can view this problem from different points. When dealing with accommodating overnight friends, the best option is a futon, which simply transforms from a multiple-seat to a bed. However its functionality makes it very vulnerable in terms of time, thus durability diminishes. While the sofa is considered an extra seat, the other item in question also combines an extra sleeping spot. Generally, people spend from 6 to 10 hours per night for rest, and its structure is not intended for such consistent usage. It's a piece of low-weight furniture, easy to move through the flat, so the construction is weaker. But it features one more asset of being able to change its location whenever you fancy to.


Comfort is another contrasting aspect here. Both sofas and futons solely consist of rigid frames and soft material, however, sleep is more beneficial for your back on the latter object. Some fittings include even orthopedic mattresses to ensure a high-quality bedtime. Therefore, sofas bestow you with immaculate convenient conditions during downtime. Nothing appears to be more calming and inspiring than serene hours spent on a cosy couch in front of a fireplace. Or, on the contrary, other people are amused with a raucous party and the ability to congregate with bosom mates.


But what to choose then? They're approximately equal in pros and cons. So here you're the space. Any furnishing must take up some room area. But the sofabeds are rather huge and cumbersome, as a result, don't meet all expectations. Based on the elements of the general view, we decide on other accessories. If the style requires petite objects, the bulky ones won't create a harmonious atmosphere, but rather get out of the picture.

Futon vs Sofa Bed

Futon LAYTI-140 vs Sofa STABLE 2 Seaters 


So considering all statements mentioned above, the futon is superior to sofabeds in terms of:

      • Small dimensions. Low weight smooths the troubles of replacing interior elements.
      • The ability to be converted immediately allows us to take care of guests staying for the night and vice versa.
      • Space-saving characteristics. Moderate size is its biggest plus. It's always a great opportunity to substitute a hefty item with a miniature one.
      • Exceptional comfort. Even though it also represents a couch itself, the futon is great for spending wonderful hours of long-term naps there.


While the sofa is in favoured condition because of:

      • Plushy covering ensures a marvellous relief that can compare to nothing. Also, it's a stunning choice in case you're the heart and soul of the party, frequently gathering peeps.
      • Extra storage. Huge models include chests from both sides, though, even ordinary ones do provide you with secret boxes underneath for stuff. It's an extremely assisting tool, making the implementation even more advantageous.

Futon vs Daybed – What's the Difference?

Recently modern designers started to ponder over how to differentiate between a futon and a daybed and which one actually to stumble upon. Roughly speaking, most people prefer the former for its versatile style as well as function. Daybeds happen to be less comfy and bad at satisfying daily needs. Of course, they perform the task of bestowing you with additional seats during celebrations, however, the very process of sitting may not fascinate you just as its charming appearance. For its construction, the back remains in an unfavourable position which can soon lead to more severe injuries. The back of this furniture is straight and hard – that's the distinguishing feature the daybed is famous for. It resembles a regular bed a lot, though can't boast of much resting place. Another item in question, however, has its drawbacks in contrast. They're less affordable normally. And the mattress is more solid and tough thanks to little 'expiration day'. The pliable material usually wears out rapidly, so futons are designed properly to avoid such unfortunate consequences.


Futon LAYTI-90 vs Daybed Le MAR


A daybed is considered a less extravagant purchase. If you want to fill the room with elegance and fashion, a futon is the only feasible solution. It's a costly alternative to a traditional sofa. Depending on the interior design, it may enhance or even spoil the whole look of the accommodation. All in all, there's no considerable difference in function between those 2 pieces, but rather in the very image. They're commonly made out effortlessly. The sole adversity to overcome is a choice. Try relying on your primary needs, as the aims of those fittings are precisely determined.


How to Deep Clean a Futon?

Though it has shorter durability compared to other couches, there exist some ways to expand its wearability. Mainly, keep in mind to take regular care of furniture, since it requires periodic supervision. But unwanted stains appear out of the blue sky and futon owners desperately struggle to get rid of them. It's not necessary to throw a fitting away, just be sure to stick to the rules that follow.

    1. This interior element consists of a mattress and a frame, thus dividing those processes. Initially tidy the pads using the dry method utilizing a vacuum cleaner. This helps to refresh an object and remove dust or other crumbs.
    2. Tiny particles are absent, but blemishes don't vanish. Apply the appropriate detergent for certain textiles. Every fabric requires its cleaning method. You may find this information on the web or address the consultant while choosing the furniture. Also, consider the type of stain put. For instance, organic spots demand oxygenated bleach and fresh blood is easily removed by rubbing the cloth in cold water.
    3. Taking care of the wooden details. Don't forget about other components besides the mattress. The futon frame is exactly the area where most dirt accumulates. Wash it gently with a wet wiper applying a relevant furniture cleanser.
    4. Make certain the product is completely free from moisture or liquid. This is the last stage of decent tidying – the only thing left is putting the furnishing together.


It's essential to seek additional information about the interior details you fill the room with so always think twice before purchasing. Every item has its fascinating history. A futon is an ancient Japanese invention worth attention to nowadays. It's able to respond to our contemporary demands regarding comfort. It's multi-functional, comfortable and characterized by absolute mobility. Consider the pros and cons to contrast them with primary preferences. If you match in most categories, look for the particular model needed as well as style of a so-called decoration (Mid-century, Japanese or Western). After getting acquainted with the main points of the mini research and after thinking twice, go for it! Find a reliable producer, read the instructions and receive unconditional contentment from a new bargain.