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How to Make a Sofa Bed More Comfortable in a Few Simple Steps

How to make a sofa bed more comfortable in 8 steps?

Quality sleep plays an essential role in our lives. It's an appropriate time for the body to recover, rebuild strength and recharge the batteries after a perplexing day. Thus it doesn't require a rocket scientist to understand the detrimental effect that bad rest exerts on health conditions. Be sure to consider individual features and choose a relevant napping spot. Eventually, it may contribute to either a good mood and positive state of mind or insomnia and even depression.


Very frequently people decide on chic sofas for their living room and start spending nights on them which is a big mistake because sofa beds aren't designed for proper sleeping like beds are. That's why it's so crucial to bear in mind this aspect and find a nice solution to the problem. Actually, there exist several ways of altering this furniture for better rest. Don't miss out on useful information!

Benefits of sofa beds

It's not a secret that this piece of furniture is extremely popular among our customers for being highly multifunctional. They're very common to be placed in the room for serene evenings with family, as a focal point for guests and even as an additional resting area. It's also considered a fancy decoration in a stylish space. Moreover, it can boast of other advantages worth attention too.

 Folding Sofa Bed "MEXICO" with black mattress, folded and unfolded

MEXICO Folding Sofa Bed


  • Functionality. This feature is concerned with the scope of application of those items. According to the unspoken rule, every living room must contain this huge accent detail, which becomes a pure centrepiece. Foldable sofas do transform into beds in case the visitors stay overnight. What's more, some models may even provide you with extra storage to hide stuff which always creates messy surfaces.
  • Versatility. There's no need to buy large furnishing if you don't possess a vast territory. In this manner, it will take up almost all space. Thus modern marketplace offers you a wide selection of options of all colours and various forms, depending on your preferences.
  • Accessory. Try to choose the fitting which will accompany other objects in the apartment. Don't be scared to mix styles to create a trendy look for the flat. A couch becomes a perfect solution for enhancing the overall appearance. If properly selected, the furniture catches everyone's eyes and receives dozens of compliments. By the way, it's a great tool while generating a personal corner to retreat someday when tranquillity is desirable.
  • Economy of space. Easily convertible sofas appear to be supremely space-saving. They perform the function of plushy seats and of the bed for sleepovers as well as don't require other items in the room. Besides, quite frequently all the irritating knick-knackery, bedding or other personal belongings can be effortlessly put in boxes equipped on the inside of a couch which is of utmost benefit.
  • Mobility. Most contemporary designs involve practical folding mechanisms that don't require considerable effort. You'll be fascinated by the simplicity of usage which even your kids would manage to cope with. Sizeable options are usually hard to replace, but the small ones won't pose a problem. Thus be free to move them to any place you prefer.
  • Firmness. Unlike the rest of the sit-down furnishings, sofas retain exclusive features of great durability. Manufacturers produce a steady structure to guarantee long-term implementation. They're expected to bear huge weights. Moreover, first-rate goods give you lavish satisfaction of soft delicate sitting material which definitely won't sag overtime. They may seem costly for the first time. However, after up to 10 years the costs will be compensated by the luxurious quality.
  • Styling possibilities. It's obviously up to you whether to add some ornamentations or not. But apparently, it will create an even more pleasant look as well as form a lovely attention-grabbing zone. Search for ideas on social media like Pinterest and fill the cosy corner with awesome pillows, plaids and charming candle holders for armrests.

Sofa beds for everyday sleeping

Night dreaming is natural for our organisms to recuperate after daily adversities. Thus, it's not recommended to skip this downtime or neglect it. Furthermore, we have to provide the body with easy conditions which the sofa bed can't promise. It's not aimed at applying daily since it ill affects the back, muscles and posture. Not flexible mattresses and solid structure guarantee fantastic support when sitting. However, constant lying on the couch may contribute to severe ailments and body malfunction. A napping surface must imitate all our dents and anatomic features to ease the strains.


Don't feel desperate though. There exist kinds of quick fix methods to bring this furniture to a state of perfection. You don't need to call for the technician or purchase another fitting. We're here to share a secret of a healthy sleepover.


Easy ways how to make a sofa bed more comfortable

Use a convenient and quality pillow

Although most people are convinced those decorations are used solely as a décor element literally, they have proven to be a real boon. Those pliable items greatly vary in size allowing you to choose the one that perfectly matches the interior. It's the initial and fundamental step when layering the resting location. The elongated shapes are indispensable for slightly raising a lower back which immediately reduces tension. Rectangular and rather medium-sized pieces are intended to support the head. All in all, surround yourself with a diversity of pillows from the sides if you feel a shortage of some backing. Keep in mind, that combining with other methods is a must!

Nice velvet cushions on sofa bed

Cushion Covers 


Choose the right mattress topper

In fact, the roughness of sofa filling brings about consistent pains. In light of the wrong implementation of this furniture at night, the body will suffer a lot. However, there exists a way out of the situation. Toppers are special thick beddings resembling bed mattresses. This large pad ensures maximum comfort. It's usually hidden in the chest and unfolded before downtime. No need to worry about spoilt aesthetics. Besides, cutting-edge technologies have already invented a memory foam top which remembers the silhouette of a person and moulds it to its shape. It's also capable of regulating body temperature during cold and hot nights. 

Le MAR daybed with cream colour mattress



Still, many buyers face the adversity of selecting the fitting. It's crucial to distinguish between their different types and relevant purposes. The main divergent characteristic is the material. The most mainstream paddings are:


  • Polyester. A very controversial one. It's a budget substitution for luxurious goods. Yet the quality leaves much to be desired. They're unsteady and thus prone to sagging. In addition, it doesn't meet eco-friendly people's expectations. But the advantage comprises of the fact it's non-allergic, so suits everyone down to the ground.
  • Feather. Will satisfy upmarket customers. Unlike polyester, this is a natural pad and therefore may cause various forms of allergy. Being ultra soft it involves thermoregulation which guarantees the sweetest dreams ever. But be ready to find separate feathers that have poked through the textiles. It has more propensity to be worn down quickly.
  • Wool. Another pliable and gentle cushion. It's the greenest option in terms of the environment. It's not inclined to cause allergic reactions. Although this is one of the most expensive items, the durability will make for an outlay. It matches people who dislike exceeding roughness.
  • Memory foam. It's designed by the means of high-tech processes. This material is also called body-cradling and the biggest asset proves to be extra height which plays a key role when rendering the couch. It memorizes the body's anatomy and replicates it overnight. For this reason, it may be difficult to change positions. The most substantial minus is the extraordinary price. Thanks to the ability to bounce human movements, the textiles will easily put up with extended periods.
  • Latex foam. It combines comfort with naturality. This type of topper is way more convenient than the previous one concerning constraints in movements. It doesn't trap the organism's temperature and provides absolute safety. However, one negative feature might prevail over all benefits – it's a synthetic pad. But again, everyone decides based on personal desires.

Make your couch cushions more supportive

The right pillow can make a huge difference. Refresh Some of the bad quality which you feel will flatten in a couple of years. Search for enduring options filled with non-allergic components. There's no point in purchasing more ordinary cushions as they're expected to be applied as decor details rather than auxiliary backing. Take into consideration the measurements of your sofa to select impeccable accessories. Be free to find a range of cotton, wool, polyester, feather and other fluffy enough models for any budget. Fill deep gaps with pillows and watch your sleep upgrading to a large extent. In case you have the opportunity to hide stuff, seek a doughnut pillow which literally transforms into a partner. Adjust it regarding individual needs and enjoy a peaceful nap.

Supersoft Corduroy Cushion Cover Solid Striped

Cushions and Blankets


Clean the mattress and topper every month

I bet you have eaten on your bed at least once in a lifetime. This habit is still treated shabbily by some people and is supposed to be kicked ultimately. Yet having bedding breakfast isn't such a big deal and it originates from the form of lifestyle. Those not used to denying themselves in anything must learn how to differentiate between the kitchen proper and the bedroom, thus not going to extremes. Comfy recuperation shouldn't be set in the middle of crumbs, ketchup and coffee stains. It even poses one of the major obstacles to why people get insomnia – because sleeping areas must be kept clean. Implement a vacuum cleaner or wet tidying to get rid of unwanted particles. Take into account the material of the topper. The next vital step is deciding on the appropriate detergent. Never let the problem exacerbate by applying the wrong furniture-care methods. Eventually, you'll notice vast mood improvement in the early hours.

Use a good blanket

Fine plaids are worth your undivided attention no less than cushions. This is a part of the bedding and might be used as a nice substitution for toppers if you don't want to squander money on an additional mattress. Throw a pile of stunning blankets to ensure a soft pad underneath. Surely it's way thinner than a top, though more affordable. Moreover, it contributes to the general look of the sofa in the daytime and enhances the style. Be free to mix this technique with the others to aspire to immerse in the couch every evening. Make certain the blanket doesn't consist of artificial fabrics and therefore is completely safe for your health. By the way, visit our AliBene online store which offers a wonderful assortment of such decorations for any taste. Be sure we exert enormous efforts to satisfy every client.

Handmade woolen blanket

Blankets & Bedspreads


Flipping your mattress

The simplest way to refresh a mattress is by rotating it to the opposite side. In our case, this is a piece of advice for extra top owners. For it's likely to flatten rapidly, attempt turning it upside down. First of all, you'll renew the surface which is definitely less bumpy and find out you feel like sleeping on the recently bought furnishing. Secondly, all possible stains will be left in the bottom and with a particular side totally clean. Remember to repeat the actions every 6 months and enjoy the result. It will endure the topper as well as will save you costs. The doctors also recommend changing the fitting with a wise interval to prevent severe disorders connected with the back and neck. Be careful when choosing this item as it's responsible for aspects happening during the time you spend at noon. Failure to follow instructions often possesses harmful consequences.

Make use of clean sheets

Maximum comfort is always brought to us by lots of decisive factors. Fresh beddings can have a substantial impact on our spiritual well-being. It generates a warm atmosphere of purity. Never forget to renew the sheets at least every week to secure hygiene and elevated mood. People frequently become bestowed with comforting thoughts and thus are more inclined to receive calm dreams. Washed bedcovers also prevent you from an annoying feeling of food scraps if it's common for you to have breakfast in bed. There's nothing better than lying on a just laundered surface free from debris. Make certain the sheets don't irritate the skin or cause an allergy. The material is attached with overriding importance since you actually allocate a good third of a day to mental repose. Select high-quality fabrics which are of the exact size as the sleeping spot. To boost the complete image, try on your bed making skills. Therefore, your sofa will look natty and dapper.

Other handy tips

Apart from the already mentioned tools, we can share with you some different ways of establishing extreme convenience. First, fix minor troubles with the furniture. It sometimes happens that the structure or its counterparts are damaged. Pay special attention to the legs of the furnishing – they should be even for you to take a comfy position during a nap. Second, try gaining the opportunity to stretch the body completely by applying an appropriate pouffe or ottoman. If you're exceedingly tall for the couch, it's an ideal option.


All things considered, it's high time to take action! Go check the sleeping conditions which are waiting to be upgraded. Such simple tips as looking for the right topper, pillows or blankets, flipping the mattress and adhering to the rules of hygiene will immensely contribute to convenient sleep. Choose among plenty of actions the most suitable one or mix the tools – it's up to you. The sofa will become your favourite place in the house.