Colourful Cushions in Home Design
Find out more about colour therapy
and how various colours change our mood

Does the room colour matter?

Through constant research, scientists have shown that colour significantly affects our mood. It can either bestow you with happiness or spoil the day after all. That’s why it’s crucial to incorporate right palette into interior. If your home decor is stuck in one shade it can lead to severe consequences. Thus, when you fill the area with appropriate tones, it creates favourable vibes which stimulate the work or help you to reduce anxiety. However, according to the recent survey, people tend to choose mainly trendy colours, not even taking into account their impact on the general atmosphere.

How different colours change our mood?

Every minor detail may cause powerful changes in your emotions. Walls, blinds, accessories, bedding, upholstery – everything surrounding you has various associations. For example, green is perfect to soothe and distress. It symbolises nature and its balance, bringing serenity. Other light tones can also help you to relax after perplexing day. On the other hand, if you wish to receive a dose of dopamine after mundane office work, consider energising yellow accents which are fantastic stylish solutions. Yet be careful so as not to overwhelm the accommodation or make it look ridiculous.


Yellow Accents in the Interior


An excellent option for home workers is blue palette. It also possesses calming properties, though the main function is to increase the productivity. It greatly fits for at-home offices and working spaces. Blue walls inspire tranquility in bedrooms or bathrooms. Also try searching for blue carpets as little accents. Contrary to this cooling shade appears to be red. It’s recommended to be incorporated into dining areas, as it encourages appetite. Nevertheless, red is considered aggressive colour, so never exceed with bloody pigments.

What is colour therapy?

Colour therapy is a popular practice nowadays. Modern stylists assure their clients it’s a working scheme to uplift the home. And that’s totally true. They apply the main predominant palette in design and your visual senses associate it with particular feelings. Thus the mind recalls such associations every time you see the colours, so is set up to a precise activity. Therefore, make certain to find lots of upholstery options for AliBene sofa beds, daybeds, futons, armchairs and other furniture. We also offer a great assortment of wooden frame colours, thus be sure to seek for desirable furnishings for you little nest.