Woven Rugs Textures

Learn how to create a welcoming atmosphere
using textiles, rugs and other decor

Why do I need to add textures?

Textures have an enormous impact on interior design. You might not notice at first sight, however an overall appearance sometimes seems to be lacking some details. In fact, layering boosts physical comfort and makes the room complete. It helps us feel the surface. We add such accents in order to get rid of plainness, so if your room is full of neutral natural palette, bright accessories like cushion covers or blankets can create a magnificent look. On the other hand, be careful with those stylish solutions, so as not to overwhelm the design. There’s no need to clutter the area with excessive elements which don’t fit each other.

How to generate cosiness with textiles?

Let’s define which decor can come in handy for you not to be confused with the choice.

    • Mix different textiles. Blending the materials can increase the space as well as add cosiness. Try incorporating thick curtains of darker colours into bright accommodation along with knitted table napkins or rattan coasters.
    • Embrace a range of colours and finishes. Especially shiny finishes like steel and marble make the kitchen extremely attractive. AliBene offers you a huge assortment of fancy dinnerware for various occasions and vintage ceramic cups to have a relaxing coffee break.

Textures in Kitchen


    • For bathroom use natural stones as well as wood that have a transformative effect. Wooden elements in particular are vital in case you’re a fan of rustic aesthetics. Think about alluring towel hangers and racks for cosmetics of numerous shapes.
    • Textiles bestow the room with extra warmth. Rugs are perfect items to perform this function. They easily warm your feet and make the living more convenient. Whether it’s a woven mat with patterns or the fluffy round one, these decorations greatly solidify the general theme, thus the apartment seems to be completed.

And finally, remember that every corner requires a touch of texture. Contrast generates balance in dim zones and thus the house becomes more visually interesting. You may texturise even walls – it only depends on your taste and desire. Find more inspiration ideas on our online shop and Pinterest page.