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How to choose the right armchair for your home?

When furnishing an apartment everyone comes to the decision of selecting eye-catching accents. Number one accessory perfectly complementing the interior is a classy Nordic armchair. It becomes an excellent attention grabbing focal point and serves to amuse your guests while matching with every corner of the room.

During the process of choosing this superb piece of furniture be ready to consider lots of factors.

    • Primarily, the style. Try to mix the designs wisely in order to stylize the space properly. You might be fascinated with the Scandinavian chair even though it breaks the décor of the room. That’s a common mistake so make sure the decoration boosts the general atmosphere.
    • Secondly, remember about the variety of sizes. Those furnishings range from miniature to huge ones, thus decide on appropriate dimensions. Moreover, if you’re shopping online, the photo may not correspond the actual appearance, so pay close attention to the characteristics.
    • Don’t forget to think about its purpose. Solutions to decision-making problems may lie in this essence. Either you want to spend tranquil evenings on this fitting after perplexing days, or it’s aimed at standing as a magnificent part of area. Don’t limit yourself in ideas, pick the most suitable goods instead. And take to heart that a true test is how comfortable the seating object is.
    • Finally, keep in mind a great selection of materials and patterns available. Even if you’re excited with eventual choice, go back to considerations whether it immensely fits the overall look.

 Lounge Wooden Armchair


We suppose you’ve got more confused after this short list of advice. Yet expect us to explain in detail every step and pass on even more useful tips!

What armchair types can I choose from?

It seems that most people have an average image of the armchair – that is an upholstered furniture with arms. But the modern market offers you numerous options for every taste. The designs differ extensively thus allow seekers to seize opportunities. Here’s top 5 of the most popular types of seats you’ll definitely fall in love with.

Mid-century chair

Though the very name points out on the furniture style, not everyone is familiar with it. The conception was established in 1950s – in the middle of the century, obviously. It’s closely connected with modernism and constitutes function over beauty, durability, geometric lines and bold colours. The most widespread materials are wood, vinyl, glass as well as other organic ones. Eventually, such Scandinavian design chairs show off unique properties. They’re long term, utmost functional and combine lots of textures which create a harmonious mood. Those furnishings vary tremendously in fancy structures, go with armrests or without them, can be plushy or rather solid but nevertheless appear to be absolutely comfy.

 Monklet Armchair from Beech Wood Dark Frame Colour

MONKLET Armchair from Beech Wood


Those extraordinary fittings are intended for more luxurious usage. While Scandi lounge chairs are movable and multifunctional, recliners perform their best to be indispensable in life. With super plushy extravagant upholstery and massive sizes they’re capable of replacing a fine sofa bed. Be sure to acquire royal feelings and the idea of having your own throne. Fantastically, it’s possible to lower the back and even pull out a footrest set inside. A perfect option for those wanting to make accents and capture the guests undivided attention.

Lounge chair

Such exclusive fittings are generated on a sole purpose of meeting the desires of buyers to chill out during down time. The back is usually adjustable allowing you to be stretched out in any cozy position. It’s used not only as a home centrepiece but also in reception and waiting rooms. The relief you feel after sprawling across the soft material is worth a reasonable price. It’s hard to resist having a relaxation evening with this chic complementation. Moreover, lounges are extremely space saving so might be put even in tiny areas. If you dream of establishing a self-corner, don’t think twice – this furniture will definitely match your preferences. In some cases be free to bring it outdoor for picnic generating additional lounge zone.

 Highback Armchair with Footrest

Lounge Chair with Footrest

Traditional armchair

It combines numerous features of other types of Scandinavian design dining chairs. It’s a kind of umbrella term consisting of various chair details, wooden finishes, gorgeous ornaments and patterns. The consumers set their own traditional furniture by placing it as a central point in the house. Classic seat is a distinguishing interior element belonging to a certain style. Stylise this one carefully in order not make the layout ridiculous.

Wingback chair

The name describes exactly the design of the accessory. This type becomes an inseparable decoration of any interior with the exquisite and sturdy construction. It’s back possesses unusual form with dented sides which remind you the wings and bestow you with purely angelic emotions when you sit down on the surface. Wingback seats instantly refresh the living room as well as suit modern compositions. Little wooden legs with deluxe structure conjure up lots of vivid emotions. The contrast generated considerably improves the general appearance and leave a firm impression of inspiration gained.

 Grey Armchair Metal Frame

BALU XL MET Armchair 

Bergère Armchair

This unique type might seem obsolete but not to the genuine connoisseurs of antiques. Bergère style comprises 18th century furnishings with elaborated wooden details. It’s fully upholstered including arms and the back as it was 300 years ago. It embodies a delicate and elegant taste not everyone would prefer. Solely brave customers would risk grabbing this bargain as long as mentally immersing in aristocratic world with balls, lush dresses, noble gentlemen and surely unparalleled décor.


Textures and fabrics always make a lot of difference. They’re prone both to boost and spoil the overall look. The smartest decision would be to analyse what primary features the room contains and decorate them with a brand new Nordic dining chair. The myriad of options is just breathtaking for you to choose the one you’d fancy buying, considering all pros and cons.


The most advanced material in seats production. It’s commonly manufactured for office workers or gamers who require an extremely rigid construction and high wearability. Such armchairs may not seem aesthetic at first notice, however there exist a huge variety of wholesome as well as alluring models. It’s suitable for those having function prevailing since it has proved its incomparable resistance to external factors.

 Metal Wire Lounge Armchair

Black Wire Lounge Chair

Solid wood

Wooden bases are frequently used in personal apartments or beauty corners in public places for they’re good-looking and match every detail. Such armchair material always supplies emphasis in stuffed or even dull zones. A charming appearance and eco-friendliness is not the only virtues of wooden foundations – premium materials usually hold up to wear, offering enduring service. Diverse types of wood differ in combinability, colour as well as structure with the most popular and organic ones to be:

    • Oak. A totally budget-friendly component. With a limited number of toxic emissions, it finds its fans all the time. The popularity of oak retains undwindling for practicality and convenience it provides.
    • Beech wood. Can boast of its rare hardness comparing to other materials. Because of the high density, this particular manufacturing instrument is famous for being firm and heavy. Yet it’s not flawless – according to the characteristics, the beech absorbs water and is vulnerable to insects which remain an obstacle. Nevertheless, unequal resistance might definitely compensate for drawbacks.
    • Walnut. As a premium-quality wood, it maintains a durability-cost balance. It’s soundly called a first-rate material for distinguishing features like water resistance, easy dyeing as long as organic nature. However, bear in mind that walnut is not recommended to locate outdoor consequently as damp weather conditions destroy the structure.

 Grey Armchair from Oak

Wooden Midcentury Armchair

What should I know about upholstery for armchairs?

Another interesting issue worth taking into consideration is fabric that soft surface is produced of. It depends on the textile quality, whether you’ll receive just enough comfort and will be satisfied with your choice. Thus study the question carefully and select a superb item in reference to your needs.

Armchair upholstery is an absolutely stunning opportunity to stimulate imagination by deciding which textures the space lacks. It’s extremely important to blend fabrics sensibly and avoid buying random items which eventually can ruin the style. Again, consider the drawbacks which have great influence on the future usage.


The safest and the least dangerous cloth. It’s non-allergic because involves natural constituents. Cotton offers you a totally sustainable implementation and is quite simple to take care of. However, it has a shorter lifespan in contrast with leather or polyester. Also it’s not resistant to external liquids: it’s easy to dye and just as easy to stain. But the diversity of patterns makes it number one in armchair production.


This is a purely Scandi armchair material for its obligatory presence in the Nordic design. You will never fail with choice as every linen item embodies a manifold of peculiarities which ultimately improve the whole look. This fabric is well-known for being hypo-allergenic thus beneficial for kids’ playroom. It provides a long-term service, though is really poorly washable.

 Grey Cotton Armchair



It’s the father of fabrics with the most strongest wearability. Many clients are scared of the price tag which turns out to be very high though it is relevant to the premium quality. Just as wine, it upgrades overtime and keeps a luxurious appearance with little care. Concerning the disadvantages: it’s not recommended to be exposed to extreme temperatures as the wearability lowers. But the scents don’t pose a problem for leather – it’s a poor absorbent.


This one is the most affordable, universal and excellent in usage. Although it suits many buyers, it’s not an organic fabric due to the fact it emits harmful gases. Even so, it maintains its hype among more costly textiles. Effortless washing process also characterise polyester as such.

How to choose the Scandinavian armchair colour?

Primarily, you should take a close look at the interior palette. Select an appropriate furnishing in accordance with the walls, floor and other already existing fittings. Each style has its inherent properties such as colour, location of objects and their number. Scandi design combines natural shade which resembles the surrounding environment: green, grey, blue and other warm ones. An ideal accent armchair is a contrastive element in the room which grabs attention. It might be a dark emphasis in light palette or vice versa.

 Bright Armchair in Accent Colours

Armchair in Bright Colours

Does the back offer enough support?

It obviously depends directly on the type of accessory. In case you’ve bought a dining chair which is intended for short sitting periods or intermittently, then consistent usage may cause hurtful back pains because of the hard base. On the other hand, a wingback or lounge seats are an impeccable combination of coziness and rest. All furniture has its essential function thus be ready to apply it cleverly. The more pliable the chair is, the more supportive relaxation it will provide. Note that sedentary lifestyle requires a necessary anatomic back to imitate human body. In such a way the office day won’t seem so tenacious and traumatising.

Do you want armrests?

On the last stages before getting a bargain, take into account whether you need other elements of the construction, armrests particularly. This is how we differentiate between an ordinary stool and the armchair. Again, they’re vital if your back strains a lot during working shift. That’s one of the most controversial questions because lots of people get irritated when their arms are standing at right angles or, on the contrary, are hanging down with no support. Moreover, be careful with kids’ furniture which is considered quite dangerous during wrong implementation. Most children lean on one armrest and get diagnosed with scoliosis in the long run.

 Armchair with Armrests

JULIE IN AR Armchair

Also bear in mind that armrests come in numerous types. Modern arm backings are adjustable. You’re expected to transform them whenever you want to feel maximum comfort. Manufacturers have made them possible to change the slope and meet your desires. The least perilous armrests go with soft paddings to ensure convenient elbow position.

What are the current armchair trends?

Contemporary consumer society has developed increasingly. Proper seats for gamers are a mainstream for over 5 years on. They’re accurately designed as to deliver favourable working space for game lovers. A crucial backing is what prevents people from hurting their spine. Therefore, the price is usually relevant to the quality. Gaming chair vary in weight bearability: from low-weight ones (most often aimed at children) to thrones literally with immense resistance. Such fittings may be manufactured with extra pads like little pillow attached at the top or thickened back edges which envelope the shoulders slightly, giving them a sign to relax.

Office accessories are another widespread clients’ orders. However, they’re very notorious for poor quality and cheap materials. This makes them not durable at all. So be sure to search for responsible stores producing valuable goods.

 Cherry Armchair with Padded Seat

BARDOT LE Armchair


All things considered, it’s time to take action. We bet you’ve acquired just enough information to come to a final decision regarding this décor element. Our suggestions would be to take into account all pieces of advice and eventually enjoy the purchase. If you hesitate what manufacturers you can rely on, be certain that AliBene retail shop offers you alluring options for reasonable prices. Visit our home page to find out more about a wonderful collection of Scandi armchairs available in different sizes and patterns. We constantly succeed in determined attempts to ensure you exclusive comfort.