Scandi Christmas Decor
Learn How to Decorate Your Home for Scandi Winter Celebrations
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How to embellish Scandinavian Christmas tree?

Christmas, New Year, St. Lucia’s Day and others mark the beginning of festive season in Scandinavia. Swedes are used to exchanging gifts on Christmas Eve, particularly after dark, so they don’t have to wait too long. But what other customs are inherent to Nordic countries?


Let’s begin with the central item. Beautiful Christmas tree usually contains a few extraordinary ornaments with a symbolic star at the top. It’s frequently complemented by gingerbread house and garlanded with warm lights. Besides, straw accessories are very popular in their culture. Be free to find such goods in AliBene collections. As you can see, everything tends to minimalism. Nevertheless, indoor spaces such as porch and main door involve numerous embellishments.

What are other popular Scandi decorations for winter season?

Typically, candles. They’re considered now a symbol of Scandi design, and thus are necessarily present during winter celebrations because of longer nights and poorly lit days. Therefore, the fire performs an essential function, not to mention warm atmosphere it creates. Scandinavians fill the space with fragrant candles in stunning candleholders. By the way, our retail store offers you thrilling assortment of those.


Christmas Greenery and Candles

Paper stars are also popular attributes of festive decor. And honestly, not only paper ones. The rooms are generally supplied with other fancy star accessories including such lamps in various shapes in both silver and golden colours. Those lovely items are usually hung on almost every building from the inside as well.

How important are green elements?

Grey weather requires bright accents which won’t deplete positive energy. Nordic tradition to decorate alluring wreaths is a great way to complement dim surfaces. In general, green details are one of indispensable Scandi design principles. Dans in particular like to place tiny red berries on the wreaths to make them more vivid. This practice becomes more widespread during holiday season – embellished greenery appears in every interior. Besides, if you prefer live plants, be sure to find awesome flowerpots and appropriate vases for every taste on our website.