Hygge Design Principles

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What is “hygge” in Scandinavian culture?

Hygge is an umbrella term which comprises various techniques of receiving utmost satisfaction of life’s pleasures. It’s about valued time spent with kith and kin full of affection and warmth. Because of the damp, unfavourable climate dans started this tradition in order to take things slow and change the surrounding environment. Their routine is extremely fatiguing sometimes, thus the Danish people have got accustomed to regular unwinding practices which can’t but bring people together. For instance, lovely summer picnic in a park, nice dinner in a restaurant or cosy little home party during cold winter months, when you feel the present moment to the largest extent.


Denmark citizens are considered the happiest people in Europe for their secret to find beauty in elementary processes. It’s tough for other Europeans to comprehend the essence of such a method since they usually get absorbed by mundane life. They take it for granted, while Dans do their best to cherish even the simplest moments and thus receive boost of powerful energy as well as happiness. They’re less stressed at work, rarely worn down and hardly ever feel discouraged. Consequently, those who acquire hygge lifestyle strengthen their mental and physical health being surrounded by positive vibes.


Hygge Lifestyle

How to create “hygge” at home?

Incorporating hygge into home interior means generating an inviting atmosphere, which makes you want to return to this place all over again. Roughly speaking, make certain to supply the room with décor elements which embody comfort along with positive emotions of happiness, delight, relief etc. Therefore consider wonderful accessories available on AliBene website such as awesome candles, fluffy blankets, stunning vases for beautiful flowers and other ornaments which definitely set amiable mood for the whole evening. Try filling your accommodation with numerous trifles which usually bestow you with the feeling of tranquility. Stick to the Danish deep-seated belief and watch your life quality improve strikingly! Read more about how to establish welcoming vibes at home in the article