Greenery in the Interior
Read our short article about the benefits of plants at home
and current trends in the interior

How plants impact our health?

It’s not a secret that natural elements are highly recommended to be placed in every home for their purifying properties. Plants greatly improve air quality as well as your health, maintaining breathing in a good condition. Many people refuse getting green helpers due to necessary and frequent care. Yes, they require much attention, though become extremely advantageous in your life. Their price, additional costs for pots and fertilizers are compensated by the benefit they provide. Moreover, you’ll notice rapid decline in morbidity rate and eventually suffer from fewer respiratory diseases. By putting seasonal flowers or other popular greenery you create special vibes which help to reduce stress. Scientist have proved the apparent productivity boost so be sure to supply your working space with such live accessories. By the way, for their effective ability to absorb harmful substances, plants are immensely desired for families with little kids.

What other functions does greenery provide?

Think about a furnished Scandi room without greenery. I bet you consider it bare, impersonal and dull even with fancy decor. That’s why plants appear to be an excellent solution to decorate the place. They reduce monotony, add colour as well as soften the style. Green shades generate absolutely favourable and positive environment (article). Besides, lots stylists are convinced that plants supply indispensable aesthetic touch. Nordic accommodation is impossible without designing harmonious look. Moreover, the tastes differ, thus be sure to form a unique appearance, not resembling any others. Essential greenery will definitely amuse your guests. However, don’t exceed with the number of natural elements so as not to clutter the area or transform it into botanical garden.


 Plants in Home Design

What are current trends for greenery in 2023?

Ferns seem to be choice number one in modern market. This is a rational minimalist decision to enhance the interior. Ferns also provide versatility to the whole design, making it more engaging. They’re wonderfully placed in ordinary or hanging flowerpots, which you can find on our website.


Ficus is one more stylish solution which makes a comeback in current trends. Though remember about the huge dimensions of this plant and relevant needs. It requires consistent care in order to remain healthy.


Last but not least, seasonal flowers. Those live ornaments are an alluring addition to the overall theme. Surely, winter soils aren’t fruitful enough to get some nice greenery, though little Christmas tree branches are a working solution. Be free to put them in whimsical vases suitable for any design.