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Showing 1 - 25 of 25 products
BALU XL MET Armchair grey, front viewBALU XL MET Armchair grey, interior view
Sale price€1.197
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Sale price€1.284
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BARDEOT LE Armchair cherry front viewBARDEOT LE Armchair cherry upholstery interior view
Sale price€824
BALU MET Armchair blackBALU MET Armchair interior view
Sale price€850
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Sale priceFrom €1.947
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JULIE LE Stool green frameJULIE LE Stool green backrest
Sale price€431
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JULIE LE Chair beech wood frame, black colourJULIE LE Chair beech wood frame natural colour with stool
Sale price€350
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JULIE IN IMB Chair black with leather seatJULIE IN IMB Chair green with backrest and without outdoor view
Sale priceFrom €513
NIELS FAST FOOD Table back, solid ash frame and top, metal round base, front viewNIELS FAST FOOD Table metal round black base top view detail
Sale price€574
MOCHI Pouffe three pouffesMOCHI Pouffe turquoise crop detail view
Sale price€1.096
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MARLEN Stool mahogany and beech frameMARLEN Stool mahogany frame, blue upholstery, interior view
Sale price€588
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MARLEN LE Chair cherry front ash frameMARLEN LE Chair black interior view
Sale price€508
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JULIE IN Stool without padded seat green frameJULIE IN Stool green backrest detail
Sale priceFrom €534
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JULIE IN AR Armchair green backrest, natural frameJULIE IN AR Armchair green backrest and no backrest chairs, outdoor view
Sale price€612
JULIE IN Chair beech frame, purple backrestJULIE IN Chair beech frame black frame and backrest
Sale price€467
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JULIE IMB Stool with purple seat and natural seatJULIE IMB Stool green seat and frame
Sale price€493
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JULIE IMB Armchair beech base, green seat,oJULIE IMB Armchair beech base, green seat,o
Sale price€573
Sale price€647
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BALU Armchair blue and greyBALU Armchair blue and black
Sale priceFrom €923
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AKY CONTRACT 4 LE blackAKY CONTRACT 4 LE square beech natural
Sale price€377
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AKY CONTRACT 3 60 MET blackAKY CONTRACT 3 60 MET black side view
Sale price€327
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AKY SMALL Table setAKY SMALL Table black
Sale priceFrom €437
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EDITH IMB Chair red and greenEDITH IMB Chair red, green, natural and black
Sale priceFrom €593
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